Down alternative comforters are so much more comfortable when it comes to staying warm during those cold nights. The comforter takes the place of having to use layers of quilts and blankets that tend to weight you down and you cannot move freely during the night; therefore you don't tend to get a good night's sleep. They are also such a beautiful accent to any bedroom as well as appropriate for warmth and comfort.Many people are allergic to the down in the expensive comforters or are suffering from asthma so they have to avoid the feathers and the down so that is one reason that down alternative comforters are offered. The down alternative comforters are cheaper and easier on the budget also. They are made from hypoallergenic polyester or acrylic fiber which will not collect the dust house mites that tend to grow in the expensive down comforters. Another synthetic stuffing for some of the down alternative comforters is the antimicrobial down-alternative fill which will keep the allergens away and still all for you to get a great night's sleep. These down alternative comforters are fiber filled but this doesn't cause the throw to be any less soft or silky to feel. They also can be washed which is something that cannot be done to the down comforters. These down alternative comforters are rated by their thread count, which ranges from 210 thread count for spring and fall and then the 800 thread count for the frigid nights.There are some natural alternatives that are being used also in the down alternative comforters. One group is the wool fibers, second is the alpaca wool and finally silk. The wool is much heavier than goose feathers but is a great moisture absorber so it would be great of those that do a lot of sweating during their sleep.For more info,Please visit alpaca throw The alpaca wool filler is much finer than the wool so it is not a good moisture absorber. Then the silk is the most popular spread in the United States and Asia. These silk spreads are made from sheets of silk layers but the disadvantage of the silk is that it is very expensive.The great part about the down alternative comforters is that they are made in twin, daybed, full, queen and king sizes. They also come in so many beautiful ensembles that beauty is not taken away from any bedroom that is using this décor. The comforters are made from a great selection of fabrics and designs. Even though the cost is better for your budget you are not sacrificing anything at all.You can also go to this URL