Alcohol poisoning is something that occurs to thousands of people in Us alone, the latest studies show that around 50,000 people go through alcohol poisoning a year, and the numbers are just increasing. This is terrible, as alcohol poisoning has serious effects in our physical and mental health, and can even cause death.It is important to mention that alcohol poisoning is different than "passing out", the main difference is that when you are poisoned by alcohol, you are unable to wake u, even with the help of other people.The worst effects f alcohol occurs on the brain, since you basically enter a comatose state. This triggers the loss of a lot of brain cells. Many people, after an alcohol poisoning incident, claim that their memory is affected, now they are unable to recall things - that is a sadly common effect you can see in Emergency rooms.Why do you enter this comatose state? Well, because you've ingested more alcohol than you can process. You see, our body needs to get rid of alcohol and process it or else it will shut you down.For more info,Please visit alcohol poisoning If you notice the effects of alcohol poisoning in someone, you must immediately call 911, or else the most serious effect could come in: death. It is estimated that in America, one people die each week from alcohol poisoning.The good news is that all these effects can be prevented! It all comes down to moderation and education. The tragedies can be avoided if we know how bad it can be binge drink.More information is available please click