Punu African masks, originally from Gabon were made by the Punu people who reside near the Ngoumie river. Nowadays Punu masks are used to entertain audiences during festivals and celebrations. Punu masks have a natural wood color and it is said that they have a judiciary function. They are often used by chiefs to find solutions for problems in the community.Guro masks are known to have horns which posses spiritual power and magic potions and medicines to protect human life.African tribal masks of the Guro tribe represents the spirit of the Gu, which is the wife of Zambla, a supernatural being. Gu is often associated with beauty, serene and elegance. Guro masks are often used for sacrificial gatherings, celebrations and funerals. Guro people and Yaure tribes are related and some people think that these two people had a strong influence on the art of the Baule.Read more about African Mask.  The Guro people are from the Ivory Coast.Zulu African face masks are known to keep out the evil spirits and are often found at the entrance of the Zulu tribesman houses.An African death mask but also others is a mask of wax or plaster and is a cast of a person's face taken while he or she was alive or death.Usually the mask is created after the death of the person because of the danger imposed by the material or materials.The making of a death mask is an ancient practise which originates from the Romans and the Egyptians. The process served as a reminder of the deceased for the family, as well as the protector from evil spirits and is associated with the belief in the returning spirit.Death masks are used as a tool to help the deceased's soul pass easily to the other life. The respect of the funeral rites of African tribal masks dancing can also protect from reprisals from the dead, preventing the risk of a wandering soul. For more info visit African Mask.