The world today is an Internet driven world. Everybody turn to the Internet, when they want to know about a product or a service, and you can be sure that all your potential customers and future business partners will rely on your online channel to gather information about your business. People tend to attach a lot of importance to websites and depending on their opinion of your website they are likely to make value judgments about your business. Your website quite obviously is the public face of your business. If you want to improve your reach among your customer base and want to appear as a credible organization in the industry it is very important that you own and operate a website that is of the best quality. It is immaterial whether you have an online business model or an offline one, you must have a website and the better the efficacy of your website the better is your chances to convert your leads to actual sales.If you want to build a website for your company or revamp an existing one to give it a modern look you would be able to find a number of web design and development company in outsourcing locations, who would be able to make effective websites for your company at significantly reduced cost to your company. However, even before you get into that it is imperative that you try and understand the nitty gritties that go into the development of a website. Without a thorough knowledge of the website design and development process you would be blindly relying on the credentials of a company and that is not desirable. With some working knowledge of how web development companies work you would be in a better position to ensure that you get quality solution that translates to a successful website at a later date.The website development process must have rigorous planning at its base to be of any value. Read more about Affordable website design services.To begin with the web design and development company must give time to understand the purpose of your website and the nature of your business that is being promoted. With this understanding comes a second stage of strategy planning, where everything starting with the architecture of the site, the design features, the programming platform, the database solution, to the subsequent marketing of the site everything should be put on paper and meticulously checked for loopholes. The web design and development company have clear strategy for a website that is clear in navigation and easy to use, and has a 'unique selling proposition' (USP) that would be able to grab your user's attention. The web design and development company must be able to come up with a site that upholds the spirit of your business with clear and concise content and graphics that go hand in hand.The web design and development company should be able look in to the competition there is in the market and create a website that is a cut above the rest. The design of the website, for instance, must be able to instantly catch the attention of the first time user and interest them adequately so that they continue to read through your website and click down subsequent levels. No one part of the website development process is separate from the rest. It is very important to understand that each part is a step in the whole process and you must at all stages try to understand what each feature in the website would affect the end users opinion of your site. For more info visit Affordable website design services.