I have three children and two of them decided to take up weight lifting to build up their muscle definition, strength and endurance. To help their dreams come true, I decided to buy adjustable dumbbells in addition to the other weight lifting equipment they had to help keep their body fitness strong and at consisted state. The interesting thing is one is a girl and one is a boy so their needs are quite difference.The dumbbells help in building the upper body muscles by allowing the exerciser to perform different body workouts very easily. The upper body can be worked out by doing dumbbell presses on the floor with your feet on a raised surface. You can also perform some dumbbell rows and dead lifts with your palms up and down when doing workouts for the back.Read more about Adjustable dumbbell set. The adjustable dumbbells also helps in performing perfect workouts for the shoulder by doing shoulder presses, lateral raises, bent over laterals and upright rows. Body fitness and health should be consisted and maintained in order to remain strong and achieve your strategic goals. For the biceps and triceps, you can also do the dumbbell curls, concentration curls, hammer curls, overhead triceps extensions, close grip bench press, lying triceps extension and triceps kickbacks among others.You can also use the adjustable dumbbells to work out your quadriceps by doing both close and wide range squats in addition to doing lunge presses with toes. All the squats, calf raises and lunges help you increase your muscles in both the upper and lower body parts when you do them consistently and under the guidance of an expert for proper execution.There are various types and designs of adjustable dumbbells that are good for your body fitness and muscle building. You only need to purchase standard and quality dumbbells that would last longer to keep you stronger and powerful in your body muscles and joints. For more info visit Adjustable dumbbell set.