To achieve balance Acupuncture to stop smoking is one way that people in western society are trying eastern remedies in order to quit. People who utilize acupuncture as a method to quit smoking are motivated to stop the habit. There are a lot of reasons for deciding to quit smoking. There are people who developed health problems due to smoking like shortness of breath or chronic cough, others just want to avoid the adverse health effects and want to live a healthy life. There are a lot of disease conditions associated with smoking.Some people just don't want the expense and addiction to tobacco. But for the most part, one has to decide to quit smoking for himself and not for anybody else. For more info visit Acupuncture Self-motivation is the key. People who make a choice to use acupuncture to stop smoking have a compelling desire to really quit now.Acupuncture is said to be an effective tool that has assisted a lot of people to beat their addiction with tobacco. Nicotine is one of the most habit-forming drugs known. There are studiesIf this chemical is compounded with the flavor of tobacco smoke and the oral gratification of a cigarette, you get a habit that is very hard to break. But, acupuncture treatment aims to alter the taste of tobacco into an unpleasant experience, which makes smoking cessation less difficult.Acupuncture treatment also relieves nervousness, agitation, and other signs and symptoms of mental distress. The soothing effect of acupuncture can also make the smoking cessation exposure less distressing. Acupuncture centers on anxiety, cravings, impatience and agitation; all manifestations that people usually complain about when they quit.The acupuncture needles are very thin. They are lightly inserted into several points in the ears and body to help with smoking cessation. During interval treatments, small pellets are usually fastened to the acupuncture points on the ear. When there are cigarette cravings, the pellets are lightly pressed which activate the acupuncture points to calm the mind and remove the urge.The duration and frequency of treatments vary from person to person. Usually, acupuncture treatments would last from five to thirty minutes, with the individual being treated once or twice a week. After the needles are taken off, ear press needles/silver pellets are usually placed to excite the points between treatments and decrease the urge to smoke. Some manifestations are alleviated after the first session, while more serious or chronic conditions generally require multiple treatments.What are the benefits of acupuncture? The treatment doesn't only cure the withdrawal symptom but also improves your overall health. It is obvious that when you quit smoking, your health condition would really improve as an effect.However, each person reacts differently to this treatment. Hence, the effectiveness also is not uniform for every patient. Some people need at least 10 sessions to achieve long-term benefits. Mild soreness can also be felt in the treatment points after treatment. There are reports of infection and even organ rupture especially if not delivered properly.The disadvantages of acupuncture treatment make hypnosis therapy a cheaper and easier option for smoking cessation. Hypnosis is non invasive so there's no risk for infection and organ rupture. It is also less costly because it requires lesser sessions compared to acupuncture. get more info here